Archive Academic Materials

Does your membership need access to search past conferences and other academic materials?

All Academic provides a variety of services to organizations wishing to store and archive documents. Our knowledge and expertise in databases, search tools, indexing, and paper conversion can bring your archive into the digital age. An online repository allows your members to access their documents online, anytime, anywhere. Online access can be setup to allow restricted access with usernames and passwords, or open access to anyone visiting your archive. With our advanced indexing and search capabilities they'll be able to find what they're looking for in even the largest of archives. We have powerful conversion tools with automated conversion of convention papers, journal articles or other documents into standardized Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.

  • Store proceedings, papers abstracts and journals. Search multiple years of conference proposals.
  • Flexible design to store and retrieve multiple different academic materials.
  • Store thousands of academic materials to be viewed by the public or membership.
  • Fulltext searching of documents.
  • We can import your data for current or previous years to get you started.
  • Authors maintain full copyright and control over their intellectual property