Product Levels

Individual Convention Archive

Associations interested in archiving their past conferences at All Academic may do so for a very reasonable import and storage fee that is based on the size of the conference. This is our entry-level archive product. We archive each convention year in a separate meeting site. We store individual papers, full sessions, abstracts, full paper documents, most any data fields, and schedule information.

All Archive sites can be either public, or private. For private sites, access can be limited to association administrators, members, or nearly any other group. For public sites, access is open to all. Additionally, for public archives, all accepted papers can be made publicly available in the All Academic Research database. Archiving fees vary based on level of access.

All Academic Convention clients' sites are automatically archived for no extra fee. All accepted and scheduled content is kept as a permanent record in the annual convention site.

Individual Convention Archives can be searched by nearly any data field that is stored in the archive including: author names, titles, abstracts, topic area, etc. Full-text searching is also available for an additional fee.

Aggregated Association Archive

We can aggregate an association's Individual Convention Archives into a single, full-text searchable archive. This product includes all of the features of the Individual Convention Archive PLUS a separate site that serves as the central hub for searching across all of your associations' archives. Full-text searching is fast, and returns results by relevancy ranking, with the most relevant results appearing at the top of the search results.

Aggregated Discipline Archive

We can also aggregate Individual Convention Archives across several related associations' conventions. If your association works with affiliated organizations, or groups that are in related fields, you can pool your resources to create a full-text searchable archive that is limited to your academic discipline.